Pearls Of Danube
And Iron Gates

The Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates take you on a wonderful walk through the Djerdap Gorge and Donje Podunavlje. Return to prehistoric times, tread the Roman paths and enjoy the food and lodging of the hospitable hosts of Donje Podunavlje.


The Danube

The Danube is the second river in Europe in length. It runs through Serbia at a length of 588 km.

Đerdap national park

Area of 637.99 km², with outstanding cultural and historical values.

Cultural Heritage

The destination of Đerdap has a cultural heritage of a long and significant history.

The Danube in East Serbia. Gorgeous, at its most beautiful in its nearly 3000 km long course. A place where the worlds ashore and in the water blend. A space implying a certain amount of mysticism, secrecy, specific philosophy, and beliefs in how to interpret life.

During a millennium life span on the banks of the Danube, many populations have left their mark in architecture, music, dance, traditions, food… Nature, cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy are waiting to be discovered, and the tourist leaflet before you will guide you through a tourist offer for all tastes.

Be sure to visit

From so much to see and do on the Danube, it is difficult to choose what to visit first. Our diverse selection includes archeological sites, fortresses, museums and more!

The Danube

From the beginning of the world to the present day, the Danube is the river of destiny and river of life. The Danube is a Celtic word for river, water. The legend says that a third part of the Danube, named Istar after the deity of waters, ruler over the people, flows from the Achilles spring. The father of history, Herodotus, sailed the Danube, which was then called Istros. The poets and historians noted that Jason sailed the Danube waters in search of the Golden Fleece.

Đerdap national park

Đerdap National Park enables visitors to see, walk, touch, get to know and enjoy one of the most natural, geologically, historically and culturally richest areas in Serbia. It is possible to discover the beauties of Đerdap with hiking through settled and marked trails that pass through attractive landscapes and nature reserves and on vantage points where you will experience Đerdap from a bird’s eye view.

Cultural heritage

The power of the mighty Danube, the natural environment, the various nations who fought for supremacy in Đerdap, the pervasiveness of languages, religions and cultures, left an incredible cultural heritage – archeological sites, fortifications, but developed folk customs and beliefs that for the most part “lean” on the Danube, affecting the diverse image of the traditional life of its population.

Make sure you stop by

The Danube and the Đerdap offer the perfect variety of restaurants and accommodations that will satisfy everyone’s taste. Whether you want to relax and unwind in the unparalleled beauty of the Danube and Đerdap nature, or just want to enjoy the local specialties, we have discovered the places you must visit. The possibilities are endless and the memories will last a lifetime.


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