Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates


The place where you can see the most beautiful part of the Djerdap Gorge. The slabs are a level space above the canyon of Mali Kazan, limestone buried under Veliki Štrpce. The 355m altitude vista offers a unique view of the Danube and Kazan springs. There is a hiking trail to Ploče, about 3km long, which crosses in 45-60min.


Another almost unreal place in Djerdap are Ploče, the most famous Danube postcard immortalized on photographs in numerous monographs and a challenge for masters of photography from Serbia and the world. Ploče is a limestone buried under Veliki Štrpac above the canyon of Mali Kazan. From a 355 m altitude viewpoint, there is a unique view of the Danube and the Kazan springs from a bird’s eye view.

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