Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates

Ram Fortress

Ram is a fortress on the bank of the Danube in the village of the same name, located 25 km from Pozarevac or 15 km from Veliki Gradište. It is situated on a rock that slopes towards the Danube from the northeast, and it is assumed that the city was built opposite the Haram Fort, which was located on the other side of the river, of which nothing remains today. Today, the remains of the fort are very well preserved.

Fortress on the
Danube bank

Guarding the entrance to the Djerdap lobby, on the rocky cliff, on the Danube shore, lies the medieval fortress Ram. According to legend, tired of the fighting he was conducting in this region, the Turkish Sultan Bayazit II paused to rest on a hill overlooking all four sides of the world. Thus sitting on his “ihram” (carpet), Bayazit fell asleep. Waking up a little later, strengthened and reborn, he ordered the construction of a fort at this place. The Ram fortress was built in 1483 and after two years of reconstruction, with respect for authenticity, it shone with new splendor. During the reconstruction, the long-standing mystery of the massive circular tower in the center of the fort was solved. Archaeologists have determined that it is a Roman mausoleum, the significance of which is the signboard on the rock below the fortress with the inscription “To Jupiter, the greatest and most powerful, the barge of the Seventh Claudius Legion Guy Licinius Rufin raises this board”. Around the mausoleum, the Turks built the fort, and numerous finds found inside the fort are expected to be on display in Ram and accessible to visitors.

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