Sitting in acomfortable accommodation or spending all of your time in restaurants, on the beaches etc. – that is not the way to experience   The Danube and the Djerdap. You need to awake your adventurous spirit, discover the love of adventure and find the hidden beauty of nature. Adrenaline will flow through your body if you experience this part of Serbia on a boat, on two wheels, or on your own feet.

Hike the Djerdap trails

Aside from goodwill and appropriately comfortable footwear and hiking attire and of course the hiking trails, you need nothing more to work on your fitness. Except enjoyment, walking around Djerdap you will do good to your health as well. Delight from the scenes you will encounter along the way is a bonus. Given the large number of landscaped hiking trails, which are of different lengths and weights, you can choose the one that best suits your inner rhythm to breathe as much nature as you can and want. Even a small inflammation of the muscles will not spoil the adrenaline rush of adrenaline and an indescribable feeling of excitement when watching the mighty Danube from a few hundred meters high, and only the sky is the limit to your view.

Experience Djerdap
from the boat

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