Cultural heritage

On the shores of one of Europe’s largest rivers, life has existed since ancient times and ancient cultures that were here before the Romans have left testimonies of their essence. Wherever you turn, both visible and invisible to the eye, there are traces of life in almost all epochs in Djerdap – from prehistoric times to the present. That is why traveling through the Danube and Djerdap is traveling through time, without time machine.

Archeological Park – Viminacium

Djerdap represents the unity of the natural and cultural heritage of Serbia, because of the specific natural features of this area, it has also obtained extremely valuable cultural heritage. The coastal belt of the Danube in Djerdap was inhabited in prehistoric times, and the discovered archaeological values testify to the continuity of life – from the monumental culture of the Neolithic, Lepenski Vir, through the monuments of ancient and medieval period, to modern times. Djerdap, The Iron Gates, has been a challenge for travelers, merchants, warriors and peacekeepers for thousands of years. It is a gateway between two important cultural and economic parts of the world, between the Lower and Middle Danube region. Djerdap has always been a natural strategic place of great importance both in war and peace. That is why there are many historical monuments along the Djerdap.

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