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Vratna Monastery

Vratna Monastery, a 14th century Orthodox monastery, is located in the village of Vratna in Negotin. It lies hidden between the high rocks and right next to the Jabuča River. It is only visible when approached from the east by about two hundred meters. The monastery is named after the huge, up to thirty meters high, doors or gates carved in the rocks of the river bed of the Jabuča River, which for hundreds of thousands of years has been deepening and shaping them without any tools.

Monastery of the
Diocese of Timok

According to popular tradition, the Vratna Monastery was built by Archbishop Nicodemus at the beginning of the fourteenth century for King Milutin Nemanjic. The monastery church is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord, and next to it there are two residences. Over the centuries, the head of Christ the Savior, scenes from the Gospel, Saint Macarius, Zosimus, and Mary the Egyptian have been preserved and destroyed from older paintings. The monastery is named after stone bridges, outgrowths in the rocks of the bed of the river Jabuče. Today, there is an active monastery in the Timok Diocese.

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