About Us

Within tourism promotion in 2018, through a project supported and funded by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, we combined tourism offer of six municipalities including the area of the Djerdap National Park and the private sector. The result of the project is a joint tourist guide, a promotional film of the destination “Pearls of the Danube and Djerdap” and a joint appearance at the International Tourism Fair in Kragujevac, which won the third place for the most successful promotion in the field of printed material, presentation and gastronomy.

Pearls Of Danube And Iron Gates – promo movie

Our mission

Our motto is: enthusiasm, energy and beauty of Eastern Serbia. The rich natural and cultural heritage with aromas of authentic gastronomy and unforgettable views from Djerdap, with a modern designed promotion, is a constant task of the Association, which was founded with the aim of:

– improving the quality of life of people in the local community
– Reducing poverty, social and economic development and improving the quality of life of vulnerable categories of population
– education of citizens
-providing expert assistance of consulting services in public tenders in Serbia and European funds
– advertising, promotion, preservation of tourist values and potential, natural, cultural and ethnological heritage
– Encouragement of economic, scientific, educational, cultural, tourist and sports cooperation with the expatriates
-Support and help young people and implement employment and self-employment programs
– conservation and protection of the environment
– support for European integration programs.

Pearls Of Danube And Iron Gates – promo movie

Our activities

In the past two years, the Association has paid special attention to educating young people about the importance of environmental protection, as well as about the importance of tourism and potentials from Donje Podunavlje (City of Pozarevac, municipalities of Veliko Gradište, Golubac, Majdanpek, Kladovo and Negotin) in cooperation with PE „National Djerdap Park ”and local Tourist Organizations. The Association carries out activities on education of the business sector in the field of tourism economy and branding of the destination, with the aim of improving tourist facilities and longer stay of tourists at the destination. Support is provided to all local tourism organizations from the destination in terms of promotion and partnership in the projects. By creating a website in three languages, we will make the destination more visible and influence the increase in the number of tourists from Serbia and the neighboring country of Romania. In the coming period, we will extend the promotion of the Donje Podunavlje to other countries. New activities are appearances at international fairs, promotion of a multilingual printed tourist guide (Serbian, English and Romanian).
Our doors are open to anyone who wants to support and contribute to local community development through their knowledge and engagement.



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