Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates

Mali Štrbac

From the main road (Donji Milanovac – Kladovo), at a place called Golo brdo, passing through the forests of the Djerdap National Park, you come to the Mali Štrbac lookout. The lookout is located at an altitude of 626 meters, overlooking the Djerdap Gorge, the monastery of Mrakoni and the image of the last Dacian king Decebal carved in the rock.

Mali Štrbac

Slightly lower than Big Brother but no less attractive, Mali Štrbac at an altitude of 626 m is above Big Kazan. It offers an impressive view of the most beautiful part of the Djerdap Gorge and the coast of Romania, where Decebal, the last King of Dacians, the largest stone statue in Europe, 40 m high and the monastery of Mrakonia at the entrance to the bay of the same name, but also a forested hinterland, are on the eternal watch.

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