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Rajac Wineries

Rajac Wineries are located about 2 km west of the village of Rajac, at the top of the Beli breg hill. The complex consists of about 166 detached buildings, with about 196 wine cellars. They are located around the central square with a fountain. They are made of hewn stone and logs and are covered with ceramide. At the southwestern end of the Rajac Wineries complex is a village cemetery, with about 200 well-preserved 19th-century tombstones.

Rajac Wineries
Where the wine resides

“In vino veritas!”, old Latins once said, and in the Negotin region there is a centuries-old tradition of making and honoring wine. That’s why wine has its own houses here – pivnice or pimnice.
They are made of carved stone or bondruk, with thick walls (often over 60 cm), covered with ceramide, from the mid-18th to the 1930s. As the temperature does not vary much throughout the year, they are partly buried in the ground, while the storeys are intended for living during the harvesting and cultivation of the wine. Today, the architectural complex of Rajač breweries has about 200 cellars and three distilleries, about fifty cellars are used for wine production, and some twenty have taverns, museums and exhibitions. In pivnice that have a specific ambiance, the famous Negotin wine can be tasted and bought today. Also interesting is the rural cemetery near the pubs, with about 200 exceptionally preserved, valuable and unique tombstones dating from the 19th century in Serbia. They are built of stone sandstone in the form of a monolithic cross or tall columns covered with a stone cap. Almost all the surfaces on the monuments are covered with landscape ornaments. Among the most common bas-relief motifs is a cross in combination with the letters IS HS NI KA, and there are rosettes that symbolize the sun, swastika, circle, as well as serrated strips, zigzag and broken lines, stylized branches and vines.

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