Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates

Bosman Sokolovac

It passes through the strict nature reserve of the same name, climbing the cliffs above the Danube and passing a number of lookouts overlooking the Our Lady’s Vortex gorge and the Romanian National Park. At the beginning of the trail are Jurassic sedimentary rocks about 200m thick.

Bosman Sokolovac

The most prominent peak in the Our Lady’s Vortex gorge, 626 m above sea level, is located between the Kožice River and Pesača. The flattened plateau of several tens of hectares under meadows, surrounded by deciduous forest around the perimeter, is a place from which the entire Our Lady’s Vortex gorge is visible, from Bosman to Greben, as well as the Portile de Fier Nature Park on the Romanian side of the Danube. On the plateau, wherever the rocks are, there are fossil remains of numerous shells, brachiopods and belemnites. The canyon side near Pesača is very impressive with the color and color of the limestone deposits.

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