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Rajko's Cave

Rajko’s Cave is a cave in eastern Serbia, 2.5 km north of Majdanpek. The sinkhole is at 469 m above sea level and the well at 427 m above sea level. With a length of 2304 m, it is one of the longest caves in Serbia, of which the dry channel is 1,174 m and the river channel 1,130 m.

Rajko's cave
The longest cave in Serbia

The white calcite beauty, a cave among the most beautiful not only in Serbia, was named after Hajduk Rajko (Hajduk – A renegade, brigand), who, according to legend, was a tavern owner by day, while robbing Turkish caravans at night and hiding hidden treasure in a cave. Rajko’s treasure was not found, and the cave itself, which is about 2 km from Majdanpek, was first explored by geographer Jovan Cvijic in 1894. It consists of two horizons – river and dry and with its 2304 m of canals explored is the longest cave in Serbia. The 1.4 km long circular path was obtained by connecting the river and the dry channel, and along it is an abundance of cave jewelry of various shape made of snow-white crystalline calcite. Along the Rajko River murmur, you will encounter the Hedgehog Hall, the Yellow Terns, the Winter Fairy Tale, the White Bear, the Crystal Forest, the Small and Great Organ, the Sacrificial Man, the Hall of Stećak tombs, the Waterfall Hall, the Hanged Hajduk Rajko. Each new step leads to unreal scenes that may be the true Hajduk treasure that still tickles the imagination of adventurers.

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