Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates

Veliki Štrbac

Veliki Štrbac, the highest peak of Miroč at an altitude of 768m, is a vantage point overlooking the Danube in its narrowest part, above the dramatic seals of the Djerdap Kazan. Due to the natural rarities and values, the area of Big and Small Strbac is in the first degree of protection. There are several trails that can be reached on Veliki Štrbac, the most famous is the marked hiking trail across Ploče.

Veliki Štrbac

At 768 m above sea level, the height of Veliki Štrpce, the highest peak of Miroc, offers a view of the Danube in its narrowest part, above the dramatic strait of the Djerdap Kazan. Experts say this is one of the most beautiful views in Serbia because of the spectacular Djerdap Gorge, the largest in Europe, which is “at your feet” at its best. In front of you are the Carpathian Mountains, in the south and southwest the ridge, Deli Jovan, Veliki Krš, the vast green expanse of the Miroč forests.

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