The Danube

Unique in so many ways. It runs through 10 states and 4 Europian Capitals. It’s created from rivers Breg and Brigah in Schwarzwald and after 2850 km, it floes into a Black Sea. It is the only river that flows from west to east and it’s a symbolic border between east and the west.

Đerdap painter

It is most popular for river cruises. Thanks ti Strauss, the Danube has it’s waltzes. It is a most named river in the world.Thracians called it Istros, Scythians called it Mataos, ancient Romans called it Danister or Danubius and the Greeks called it Dunavius. In Germany and Austria it is known as Donau and as Duna in Hungary. Romanians call it Dunarea and Russians and Slovaks – Dunaj. “Le Danibe” is French, Tuna is Turkish, while Croats, Bulgarians and Serbs call it – Dunav.

The Danube course through Serbia is 558 km and seven forts have been located on its shores to witness the centuries passing by: Bač, Petrovaradin, Kalemegdan, Smederevo, Ram, Golubac i Fetislam. There are also archeological sites Vinča, Viminacium, Lepenski vir. Also there’s Đerdap, the longest European canyon, and two National parks – Fruška gora and Đerdap. The Danube has a very unique way of showing variety, complexity and beauty of Serbia. And the most beautiful part is in Đerdap.

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