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Fetislam Fortress

Fetislam (Novigrad) or Kladovo Grad is a fortress in Serbia, located on the bank of the Danube, a few kilometers upstream from today’s Kladovo. Small Town, erected in 1524 as the starting point for the Ottoman conquest of the neighboring Hungarian cities of Severin and Erdelj, respectively, and the invasion of Transylvania.

Medieval fort

Fort Fetislam is made up of two fortifications from different epochs: Small and Big City. First, in 1524, at the behest of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, a small town was erected, when the commander of the Turkish army Bali-beg, in order to war with Hungary, erected a much stronger fort and named it Fethi Islam (Fetislam). During the Austrian-Ottoman wars (between 1717 and 1737), a Big City was built around the existing fort with six bastions. The ramparts of the Big City were further strengthened around 1818 during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II when the Turks conquered Fetislam for the second time. Then honorable inscriptions were set up above the main entrances to the fortress – Danube, Orospi and Varoš gates, extolling Mahmud II. Inside Fetislam, objects and structures were found intended for the crew of the fort, such as baratuna, warehouses, hamam, lagumi, mosque. It was in the hands of the Ottomans that Fetislam was handed over to Prince Mihail by 1867, when he and six other cities, and then the Turks definitely left these areas. Fetislam was in the hands of the Ottomans until 1867, when it was, along with six other cities, handed to Prince Mihal.

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