Hunting tourism

Hunting Association „GOLUB“
Veliko Gradište

The mission of hunting association „Golub“ of Veliko Gradište is conservation of the biodiversity and management of the natural resources, with strict observance of the normative-legal regulations in the hunting area. One of the aims of hunting association „Golub“ is the assurance of favourable accommodation conditions, feeding, the organisation of events, for the arrival and welcoming of local and foreign hunting tourists and cytologists. Founded in 1898, hunting association „Golub“ is classified amongst the oldest associations in Serbia. It has 450 members – regular and juniors. It cooperates with many associations and institutions, amongst them the Faculty of Biology of Belgrade University.

Address: Dr. Boška Vrebalova 3a, 12220 Veliko Gradište

Phones: 012/7662-172 and 060 / 575-1200


Hunting association
„Pek Braničevo“

Hunting association „Pek Braničevo“ from Braničevo manages the hunting grounds „Lipovača“, with a total area of 5.211,40 ha which extend over part of the territory of the Golubac municipality. To the northeast, the hunting grounds overlook the Danube river over a length of more or less 5 km (border with the Republic of Rumania), while to the west the natural boundary of the hunting grounds follows the gold-bearing river Pek. The hunting grounds are rich and contain wildlife protected against hunting (deer, wild boar, rabbit and others) as well as wildlife that is not protected (wolf, jackal, wild cat, fox and others). Since a few years, hunting association „Pek Braničevo“ organises a popular hunting tourist event in January, “Hunting the Jackal from the cave“.

Address: Požarevacki put bb, 12200 Braničevo

Phones: 012/666-978 and 064 / 250-9164


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