Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates


Built during the reign of the Roman Empire. The warriors of the IV and VII Legions of the Roman Empire lived here in the first decades of our era.
According to records from 256, it was the center of Upper Moesia and there were almost no emperors who did not visit Viminacium from the I to the V century. Visit Viminacium Archaeological Park as well as Mammoth Park at a depth of over 30 meters. Experience life from a million years ago.

Roman city
and the Legion camp

Viminacium, the Roman city and the military camp, is located in the immediate vicinity of Pozarevac. In the beginning of the Romanization of the Danube region and the establishment of the border (Limes) of the Roman Empire along the banks of the Danube in the 1st century AD. Viminacium was the headquarters of smaller military units, and with the arrival of the VII Claudius Legion, it would become a legionary camp. It then developed rapidly and became the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia, and you almost can’t find an emperor who did not visit Viminacium in the period from the I to the V century. Numerous Roman frescoes dating from the 4th century are found here. Particularly specific for this location was the discovery of a complete skeleton of a mammoth dating from the prehistoric period, the Miocene, five million years ago. Today, Viminacium is an archeological park with a wealth of facilities available to visitors: the Northern Main Gate of the Legionary Camp (Porta praetoria), the Roman Terme, the Roman Amphitheater, the Mausoleum in which the Roman Emperor Hostillian, the Mammoth Park, the Domus Scientiarum Viminacium / Scientific and Research Center, Craft center with ceramic and brick kilns, tavern, gift shop, adventure park.

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