Djerdap National Park

The largest national park in Serbia, the Djerdap National Park, was established in 1974 and extends along 100 km of the right bank of the Danube, on the border with Romania. Nearly 64,000 hectares of land is a natural habitat for about 1,100 species and subspecies of plants, accounting for one quarter of Serbia’s total flora.

The iron
gate on Danube

The Djerdap Gorge and its steep limestone slopes were the refuge of the ancient tertiary Central European forest flora, and even today in Djerdap you will find nettle, Christmas, thousand, swordfish. In addition to the forest, which makes up about 70 percent of the Djerdap NP area, you will also find over 100 species of fungi, and all 10 Djerdap NP orchids are on the Washington Convention list. Among the 170 bird species, the white-tailed eagle, the eagle eagle, the dwarf eagle, the short-tailed moth, the vetch, the black stork, the long-tailed owl, the aquarium and many others live here. The Djerdap NP hosts 55 species of mammals, such as lynx, brownfish, aquatic voles and all 15 bats registered in Djerdap. The amphibian and reptile fauna is very rich, with 27 species of amphibians and reptiles inhabiting the Djerdap territory, and about 60 species of fish living in the Djerdap part of the Danube. The geological background of the Djerdap is very diverse and represents an extraordinary treasure trove of documents on the history of crustal development and the complexity of geological processes. The most striking line of relief and recognition of this national park is the grand Djerdap Gorge, the longest and largest gorge in Europe. The adrenaline rush to the excitement of the Djerdap National Park leads through expanses of forest with marked paths to viewpoints, where your view is bounded just by the sky itself. The feeling of freedom and the inimitable scenes that nature has sculpted for centuries, which are left to you in the palm of your hand, will leave you breathless. Landscaped and marked hiking trails pass through attractive landscapes, nature reserves and usually end at lookouts. Different in length and ascent, some of the trails offer hiking without much effort, and there are some that require greater fitness. The trails are marked with hiking marks and information boards, and with the nature guards of the PE “National Park Djerdap” the use of hiking trails is a real experience.

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