Pearls of Danube and Iron Gates

Vratna Gates

In the canyon of the Vratna River, defying the force of gravity, three giant stone bridges, the Vratnjan Gate, intersected. There are over 400 different plant species around them, including endemics or relics originating from Tertiaries.

Vratna Gates
A miracle of nature

Without the hammers and chisels, Mother nature made the grand Vratnjan gates, stone bridges over the mountain river 30 km from Negotin. These stone arches (outgrowths) were created in the distant past by the collapse of caves and represent a true wonder of nature. The small overgrowth is 15 m long, 30 m wide with the opening height of 34 m. The large overgrowth, as its name implies, is 45 m long, 23 m wide and 26 m high, with a vaulting depth of 30 m, while the third, Dry Overgrowth 34 m long, 15 m wide, 20 m high and 10 m deep. The first, the Small Overgrowth, is 200 m from the medieval Vratna Monastery, while the Dry Overgrowth is some 2.5 hours away and is the least accessible, but at the same time most challenging for visitors and explorers. In its vicinity, three caves have been discovered, unexplored so far. Speleologists say that the closest is about 400 m long, in the second cave, which is shorter and more attractive, hides a small lake, while the third is extremely large with intertwined corridors and tunnels.

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