Waterfall - the spring of Beg well

Legend has it that a young Turkish escape from the outskirts of Golubac Fortress suddenly fell ill. Turkish hechims, doctors at the time, recommended that he, along with other medicines, take a regularly walk down the Danube. Already on his first walk, he was tired and stopped by this waterfall and drinking cold water. The next day he regained his strength and after a few days of drinking cold water from the spring, healed completely, to the joy of him and his harem. So the spring and the waterfall are named after the beg from Golubac, the Beg-well.

Photos by: Goran Nikolić

Water cooled by rocks
and enriched with minerals

According to another story, the name of the spring was created because during the dry periods, the source significantly reduces the amount of water, almost drying out – that is, the water escapes. From this escape of water the name Beg-well emerged. Tests conducted before World War II found that a portion of the Pek River source sinks deep into Homolje into limestone crevices and, through tens of kilometers of underground rock caves and canals, cooled by rocks and enriched with minerals, water springs at this site.

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