Blederi Waterfall

You will first hear and then see Blederia Falls. The water, vertically, from about seven meters in height, after pouring over the bigraine crosswalk, with a powerful, perhaps even frightening, noise, collapses in the form of a water curtain into a bigrain bath, a large spring or a small lake.

Photo by: Dragan Bosnić

A hidden secret of

The water is turquoise green except during heavy rains and snowmelt. But even then the eternal play of water and stone has its beauty. The bigrain crosswalk mentioned above has the appearance of an irregular horseshoe, and smaller waterfalls flow under it, so that besides a large waterfall, there is another small one, which disappears during the summer because there is less water in the river, but is there in the spring when is a river rich in water. The sight of the Blederi waterfall is enough for a wonderful memory, and here, about ten kilometers along Brzo Palanke near Kladovo, you will feed all your senses with nature. Clean. Fragrant. Untouched.

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