Beli izvorac

In the hinterland of the Danube, many wonders of nature are hidden. One of them is Beli izvorac (the White Spring), which shows the power with which water forms a stone. Fifteen kilometers from Majdanpek begins the trail that leads to this monument of nature included in the Inventory of Geological Heritage of Serbia.

Photo by: Dragan Bosnić

Beli izvorac

Beli izvorac emerges from a cave well and begins with a spacious bigra terrace, on the perimeter of which a waterfall is 16 m high. Subsequently, the bigrain accumulation descends in cascades fringed with gentle moss, creating an unreal scene. Beli izvorac waterfalls are the richest in the spring, at a time of snow or heavy rain and are places to visit. Because the sound, the view, the scent of pure nature leave them breathless and fascinating. And when it comes to fascination, let’s say that the mystique of this space may be the reason why, according to the local tradition, former girls threw love acts at their chosen ones.

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