Valja Prerast

Better than the best architect, nature designed Valja Prerast, a stone bridge without pillars. This largest natural bridge in Serbia, 12 km from Majdanpek, with its 44.8 meters in height, 9.7 m wide at the bottom and about 150 m span, is a unique example of natural construction that shows the forces of nature.

Photo taken from “Meet the Djerdap” Project

The largest natural stone
bridge in Serbia

Valja Prerast was built by the Prerast River, which flows under a stone bridge that did not, like most outgrowths, result from the collapse of parts and the ceiling of former caves. For the Vlachs here, whose culture of legends and beliefs occupy a significant place, the outgrowth of the Hollow Rock, as it is called here, is an important place because it is a connection with the beyond. Even if we put aside our beliefs, the greatness of Valja escalates into thinking that going through it can lead to some other dimensions.

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