Djerdap Archaeological Museum

One of the two archaeological museums in Serbia, the Djerdap Kladovo Archaeological Museum is one of the few specialized museums in Serbia.

Keeper of the secrets
from the past

The Djerdap Archaeological Museum, with its exhibit, presents prehistoric, Roman, late Roman, early Byzantine or medieval finds, with a chronological range of over 10,000 years. Over 1,500 first-class exhibits of the Djerdap Collection have been exhibited from more than 100 locations in this region and a large number of exhibits represent true rarities, a legacy that exceeds the borders of our country in importance. Most of them are from the Roman era and these objects testify not only to the Roman conquest of Djerdap, but also to the establishment of Roman rule in this then border zone, as well as the acceptance of the Roman way of life. Thanks to the exhibited documentary material, one can see the appearance and exploration of a number of preserved as well as submerged and missing sites of the wider Djerdap area.

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