National Museum Veliko Gradište

The National Museum of Veliko Gradiste, a legacy of the Djordjevic brothers, with over 1500 museum units, preserves part of town’s history. This is the only museum in the world to hold three Roman coins Pincum (Veliko Gradište) and two Roman bricks with the inscription Pincum, and the curiosity is part of the aluminum construction of the Hildenbrand Zeppelin. The Summer Art Exhibition opens the Carevac Days, and the International Art Colony “Artifact” forms a valuable art collection of the museum.

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The National Museum in Veliko Gradiste has an interesting and rich collection of exhibits from prehistory, the time of the Celts, the Roman Empire, Byzantium and the medieval Serbia. Of particular interest are the unique ones: a music box made in France in the late 19th or early 20th century, with a tune of the Serbian national anthem and three Roman coins, quadrans, forged in Pinkum (Veliko Gradiste) in the 2nd century – you can find it only in this Museum and nowhere else in the world. Veliko Gradiste is one of the few places in Serbia that has a landscaped area of cartophilia , and old Gradiste postcards have found their place in a monograph dedicated to old postcards. The National Museum in Veliko Gradiste through various forms: photography, comic, animated or short documentary promotes the historical figures who visited Veliko Gradiste as well as exhibits of their collections. A collection of sculptures by eminent sculptors from the country and abroad is underway to be exhibited in an outdoor gallery in a park near the Danube.

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