Šarkamen / Sharkamen

The late antique site Vrelo Sharkamen, near Negotin, is a residential and memorial complex dating from the Roman period and is one of a small number confirmed outside Rome.

Roman Imperial Palace

It dates back to the beginning of the 4th century and according to research it is considered that the tetrarch Maximinus Day (305–313) erected a residence in his birthplace, modeled on other tetrarchs, and that the mausoleum belongs to his mother, the sister of the Emperor Gallery. In addition to the cremated remains of the Empress, the mausoleum also found a set of personal gold jewelry, which archaeologists say is a spectacular find, unique in the Roman Empire. Through systematic archaeological investigations, it was established that this unique archeological complex was erected on the model of Felix Romullian (Gamzigrad), the Emperor Gallery Palace and the memorial and sacred complex on Magura, dedicated to the emperor and his mother Romulus.

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