Čačalica is a hill above Pozarevac, on which there is a memorial park of 28 hectares and is a favorite picnic area in Pozarevac. Čačalica is a place to visit. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature. If you are coming to Pozarevac, be sure to visit it.

Favorite picnic area
for inhabitants of Pozarevac

About 3,000 sympathizers of NOP (the National liberation movement) and captured partisans were shot dead at the site of the memorial complex during World War II. The place where their remains rest is marked by a wall-shaped monument, commemorating the shooting of the victims. Within the memorial park is a ossuary. Inside of this ossuary are fallen soldiers of the Red Army, who fell in October 1944 in the area from Rudna Glava to Mladenovac. At the top of the hill is the “Star” monument. Within this park are a large number of trees of rare plant species and small animals. From some parts of the hill you can see almost the entire panorama of Pozarevac.

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