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Dr. Sremčević

The dental practice “Dr Sremcevic” exists since February 93 in the Branicevo district, in Golubac, then in Kucevo and in Veliko Gradiste, where the practise is located today. A large number of patients, many years of clinical experience and knowledge, technical equipment, speak of the guaranteed quality and durability of dental work and interventions. We are engaged in polyvalent dental practice as well as SPECIALIST ORAL-SURGICAL interventions. With the application of modern procedures, technology, materials, almost all dental interventions and diagnostics (we have a digital orthopan) are performed in our office, independently, without consultants of other specialties.

Address: Hajduk Veljkova 1, 12220 Veliko Gradište

Phones: 061/660-80-63 and 012/663-172



Wisil M

Since 2007, all kinds of dental services can be obtained at the “Wisil M Dental Clinic” in New Belgrade. The Clinic is fully equipped according to the latest requirements and standards in dental practice. A professional team and dental laboratory make all kinds of highly aesthetic and functional dental restorations. “Wisil M” uses premium materials from leading dental brands in its practice, and as a supporting documentation, each patient receives a “card” with a list of built-in components and materials.

Address: 44/4 Nehruova st., 11070 Novi Beograd

Phones: 011/717-57-25 and 011/21-753-72


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